That girl, Anarchy

A very different blog post, but it will be back to the usual stuff very soon.

Earlier in the year, I did a spoken word piece to music at an event we did about the Grenfell fire and fire safety in tower blocks in general. A few of you asked to see a written version of it, which I promptly forgot about until this New Year when I made a resolution to be kinder after a few months of feeling a bit hardened to the horrors of the world and being afraid of losing my compassion. So here it is.

That girl, Anarchy.

Beauty is in the street and all the forgotten people are marching to repeat of anger down to number 10.

This is what happens when governments lie again and again to cling to power.

austerity is petrol poured on the poor, corporate manslaughter is the spark that ignited and illuminated the total disregard they have for all our lives.

Children died, a nation cries, while politicians wait around for fucking goatskin to dry.

And in the meantime, the people, they organise. they donate, they feed, rehouse and heal, while the media scapegoats them and conceals the truth.

Mrs May runs away from her accountability like she’s in a field of wheat. And we see her fear and instability and realise just how obsolete this state is.

They’ve done nothing but divide us, they’ve done nothing but remind us that control is an illusion.

and when you have that fusion of outrage and solidarity, that is where you will find love and Anarchy.

I first met her aged 14, as I watched bulldozers on TV lined up to teardown trees.

That is when Dysnomia was born in me.

As I watched people like Ewoks in the trees running amok and fighting with caterpillar made At-Ats to save their Endor.

And I grew more angry every day as I watched police use the CJA to lock up the hunt saboteurs and earth protectors.

They waived our right to rave and to remain silent, they made dancing illegal and tried to say that we were violent.

See when you think of an anarchist, you think of riots and flying bricks. instead of someone like me, who just can’t relate to the idea that we have to legislate taking care of each other.

That we have to have laws,that we have to have borders, that only with a government can we have order.

We are indoctrinated into thinking that the state is there to protect us. that we can’t be trusted to play our part, that decency comes from rules and not from our hearts.

And you tell me that I will not see this utopic dream of Anarchy and yet, I see her everywhere.

To me Anarchy is not just being out there raging against the machine.

She’s jumping naked off jetties marked no trespassing into a lake.

She’s every time you make something, she’s the defiance of the fear that stops you dreaming, she’s every time you fall in love.

She is when you feed someone starving in the street, she starts the revolution in your own self to get things done and not beg for help.

She’s the twinkle I get in my eye everytime I defy an authority that tells me to hate destitute people for having a television.

She is my mission. To be kinder. And a reminder that we can have a better world if only we dare to take it.

Author: punkfoodbandita

Writer and moss enthusiast

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