In defence of the Conservative voters.

You’ve seen all the reasons why you shouldn’t, but some of you are still voting for the Conservatives on Thursday aren’t you?

I mean you’re not proudly displaying it on your Facebook profile banner like the Labour, Green or even the Brexit Party voters, partly because you’re a bit worried about the backlash, but even more worried about being asked to explain your reasons.

Because you don’t really know why you are voting for them. You know you really hate the certain Leader of another party for reasons that have already been long debunked, but you repeat them like catchphrases. You barely know the names of the leaders of the other parties.

You do know you “want Brexit done” as they’ve convinced you that’s the most important issue right now. More important than hungry kids and you struggling to pay your bills despite working 60 hours a week. They’ve told you that Brexit is the reason these haven’t been addressed even though they’ve been in power 9 years and the referendum wasn’t till 2016.

You’re voting for them because you believe them when they say the reason they haven’t delivered Brexit it is someone else’s fault even though they have had 3 Prime Ministers and 3 years to do it.

You refuse to believe the NHS will be sold under post Brexit Tories. Even though you were recently given documents and video evidence of them saying they would. Because you accepted Johnson’s “it’s a lie, we’re not” and never even bothered to ask for an explanation of what the documents and videos were about, if not a move towards an American based insurance system.

Because even though he was proved to have stood in front of the fucking Queen of England and lied to her face, you still don’t think he will lie to you.

You hate austerity and the stories about disabled people being forced to go to assessments. You think it’s awful people with mental health problems are waiting so long to get help, often dying before they ever do. You’re disgusted by child abuse going undetected because of fractured police and social services. It breaks your heart seeing homeless veterans on the streets. Not so much the homeless junkies though, because you haven’t figured out yet that they usually ARE the adult survivors of undetected child abuse and traumatised veterans. I mean they are literally the same people. But you’ll get there.

I’ve been speaking to some of you. You all have a few things in common. You’re not bad people, but you are drenched in the politics of despair. You’re not voting Conservative because you are passionate about their policies, or because they give you hope. I see this in people voting Labour, Green, Lib Dem and yes, even the Brexit Party.

You’re voting them because you think the absolute drudgery around you is “just the way things are” and that life is hard and we just have to accept it.

None of you make any connection between government policies and the hardships you are currently facing.

One of you works in social care and emphatically told me it was “Conservatives all the way” because “Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser”. An hour later you were sobbing at your desk because of your ridiculous, crippling case load and lack of support and resources. You are becoming more unwell because of your anxiety over work and still can’t see you are about to vote for the people responsible for that. You are one of the women who have been fucked over for your pension, yet you are about to vote for your own children to be working until they are at least 75 and have some vague belief that the reason for this is the bankers crash and 9/11.

All of you read the Daily Mail and The Sun. All of you.

But don’t worry. If you get your way and Johnson remains in number 10, and all the things that you told us was just ‘scaremongering’ start to come true, we won’t gloat. What on earth would there be to gloat about? We won’t tell you this is your fault, because it isn’t, mostly. Politicians spend millions upon millions to manipulate us into thinking our voting decisions were made of our own free will and the Conservatives have had more money than all of them to do this, because a lot of people with more wealth than we could ever imagine are shitting themselves over receiving a fair tax bill right now.

But we will fight. We will defend you and the kids living in squalor, the disabled and vulnerable people dying because of austerity. We will fight for the minorities who will face more racist attacks, including the Jewish people who you pretend to care about right now because it gives you a ‘virtuous’ reason to oppose Labour until you will promptly forget about them and the very real threat of antisemitism once the election is over. We’ll still fight for the homeless growing in terrifying numbers and for our NHS as we start to see the slow introduction of charges, which you’ll be fine with by then, because they will have convinced you it’s for the best.

We will fight for your family’s future, quite simply because you won’t and we always have. It’s not that you don’t care and certainly not that you don’t love them enough, but you still- even after all that- won’t be capable of seeing that the people sat in Parliament have a direct effect on your life and will destroy your family’s future. That will be the fault of someone or something else, far away that we can’t name or see.

You’ll take the piss out of us and fling “do gooder” around like that it is supposed to be an insult when we fight these things. Because it doesn’t matter what you think of us. We know that every civil liberty we have was fought for by ordinary people and we will do it for ours and for yours.

Because we all deserve so much better than this and we will fiercely dream it into existence.

Author: punkfoodbandita

Writer and moss enthusiast

36 thoughts on “In defence of the Conservative voters.”

  1. Iam 65yrs of age and I don’t have any political preference but I do have an opinion of the way that all the Corrupt polititions that are in the pockets of the elite I don’t claim to be of any political party as they all sing from the same hymn sheet. BUT I was one of of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU back in 2016 and was ignored……. Iam not wanting to be governed by the EU. I feel we should make Great Britain great once again and live by our own laws and NOT answerable to the EU and take back control of our fisheries ASAP so all of our fishing ports will thrive once again 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

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    1. That’s fine Christine, I’m not interested in causing more division between leavers and remainers than their already is, and I’m not an ardent EU fan myself so we have something in common.
      Which of our laws do you want to have back that the EU doesn’t allow though. There will still be conflict over fishing even when we have left.
      I understand many of the reasons why we should leave. I just don’t believe that either the Tories or the Brexit Party are fit to do it. The Tories have proved they are not.

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    2. I have just read some of the punkfoodbandita diatribe that prompted your comment Christine, paragraph 7 was enough to stop me reading any further. I share your comment about Brexit and, if we were the democratic country we profess to be Brexit
      should have been achieved long ago!


    3. You weren’t ignored, the people you put your faith in let you down. They put out a malnourished referendum that was scant on details, they allowed a three year period to pass hiding from view and being evasive rather than clarify what was going on, and then they surfaced with a poor result and expected it to be ushered through.

      Your vote has been wasted, and the people who have wasted it have been the Conservatives. You should rightly be angry and they should be the ones to feel the pain. Not only should they be dumped out of Parliament, they should be put through absolute scrutiny in a public inquiry to draw out exactly how they allowed this to have gone so wrong.

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  2. Mygod I hope we get this done and all these remoaner Corbynists and Liberal un democratics are put in there place ,we had a referendum and now an election let’s hope after this we don’t have these undemocratic people asking for it to be done all again ,suck it and accept the result which ever way it goes please


      1. But you’re against people who work hard keeping their hard earned. Youre against 70% of the working age population of great Britain because, and I cant emphasize enough how repugnant this is, you’re jealous that someone who works hard should have a better life than someone who made poor choices


      2. I’m not sure where you have got that from? Do you think the Conservatives have been good for hard working people? I work hard but my contract is never more than a year and was made redundant due to cuts a few years ago (thankfully I was able to find work again).
        I know people grafting 65 hour weeks who are still struggling because of rocketing rents and exploitation of zero hour contract law. That isn’t right.
        I’m sure you must know people who are having a hard time right now? Who work lots and are careful with money, but are being taken for a ride with pensions or contracts, which yes, comes down to what our government allows them to do.
        And I do believe billionaires making money here should pay their tax.
        I’m sure you are someone who has grafted all their life and paid your taxes because you’re a good , decent citizen. Why shouldn’t the likes of Jeff Bezos? Who is definitely not the 70%.

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    1. Hi I don’t live in UK and haven’t for 25 years but a lot of my family does I don’t have a preference to which Muppet gets voted in as long as the nhsis not sold and they along with the police and fire brigade are properly funded out of government through the billions a week collected in taxes and not wasted on Boris Pinocchio Johnson

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  3. How sad that you are not getting the positive comments this deserves, so I’m adding one. Your article is painfully true, and people hate the truth. Your writing is excellent, and people hate people with brains. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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    1. Thank you Belinda. It’s fine though, as I hate echo chambers. People should be free to criticise if they wish and I will always listen to what they have to say. Usually we can find common ground as we mainly have the same hopes, fears and challenges, just different thoughts on how to heal our communities.

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  4. Yeah whoever votes Tory are soooo like stupid , I would rather vote labour and bankrupt the country than those evil Tory scum bags , 9 years of austerity ie paying paying off labour debt is soooo like uncool , but yes people dare not post images of Tory support on FB as if they do let’s have a go at them , so like non uber socialist we need to make people like that understand how wrong they are , they should do as we say an back labour , why because we are right and Tory living dullards are so wrong and even worse NOT WOKE


    1. Melvyn, I certainly don’t think all Conservative voters are stupid, nor horrible. Life would be easier if I did. The point of the blog is that you could just write people off who vote that way as idiots or evil, but that would be neither true or fair, would it? It’s not that black or white. These are people I know, respect and love and I will continue to do so. These are good people, as I’m sure you are too.
      But I just don’t understand why they vote that way when their lives have become demonstrably worse as a direct result of 9 years of Tory policy. They can’t tell me anything that’s really good about them, and the reason for that is that the Conservative politicians can’t either. Their only strategy has been to bad mouth and fear monger around the other parties.
      Labours model, while by no means perfect are certainly not über socialist. More Scandinavian than Soviet, adopting policies which have been shown to have worked and haven’t bankrupted those countries.
      And your point about people not posting Tory support is the exact same one I made. People are scared and embarrassed and it shouldn’t be like that. We’ve been taught not to talk politics with each other, which is terrible.

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    2. I’m sure they’re not stupid. I’m ashamed to say that I voted for them myself in 2010, but have now vowed never to do so again for as long as I’m alive. The trouble is, the truth is never printed in the media. My disabled friend got hit with the bedroom tax a few years ago, for his tiny spare room (which was full of oxygen cylinders and condensers, so not really spare at all. I joined a couple of bedroom tax groups. That was when my education started. I found out how worse it got through UC when I had to claim myself for a couple of months, after I’d had knee surgery. Long story why I had to claim, as I had a job, but the point is, they really crucify people. The idea of deserving and undeserving poor very quickly got changed to poor being undeserving. After 2015, realising that Labour lost because Cameron managed to convince everyone that Labour had caused the problems that the banks caused, I started to learn a bit about macro economics, and the difference between household debt and government debt, and how Labour has always managed the economy better than the Tories. The point that I am trying to make is, had I not had reasons to do my research, I’d still believe that everything was rosy unless you were lazy and feckless.I once did a course on Authoritarianism, and one thing that struck me was the claim that the reason that Hitler and Stalin got away with what they did was that millions of people were living ordinary lives. How true that is.

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    3. Just to make a small point, the conservatives haven’t paid any debt off at all, in fact they have increased it by more than all labour governments combined ever did.

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  5. Fantastic piece PFB. Like Belinda says, it obviously hit close to home for a few of the people commenting here. It’s beyond depressing how the same old nonsensical and divisive sloganeering (take back control, undemocratic remainers, hard work vs poor choices, Labour bankrupted the country, virtue signaling, yada yada yada) is STILL being trotted out again, and again, and again, particularly in response to such a patient, thoughtful, and inclusive piece of writing.

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  6. Have you looked at the polls? Trying to turn the tides with this sanctimonious twaddle at this late stage is a Sisyphean task. Do carry on though, it is quite amusing reading your stultifyingly ill-informed caricatures of us.


    1. I couldn’t possibly claim to know every single Conservative voter. It is merely what I’ve noticed in the people around me, but obviously we are all varied and complex aren’t we.

      What has been the biggest benefit for you their 9 years have brought. For clarity, as this is the internet, I’m not being arsey.
      Echo chambers are good for no one, so I’m pleased you took the bother to comment (if only to take the piss out of me a bit)- what about them gives you hope?


  7. A very thoughtful piece. I too have friends and family members who vote Conservative, and in most cases I don’t know why, as they have suffered all sorts of problems from the austerity programme since 2010. They aren’t hateful, but seem fearful of a Labour government, even in the face of the pressures they are currently under. It really should not be all about Brexit – and I write as a Leave voter.

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  8. punkfoodbandita thank you for writing such an eloquent piece. I’ve been struggling to put into words quite how I feel, or explain myself correctly, so thank you for summarising it perfectly. I shared this on Facebook and have already received a message from a friend who said they were undecided, who now having read your piece will be voting Labour! FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW!

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  9. punkfoodbandita thank you for writing such an eloquent piece. I’ve been struggling to put into words quite how I feel, or explain myself correctly, so thank you for summarising it perfectly. I shared this on Facebook and have already received a message from a friend who said they were undecided, who now having read your piece will be voting Labour! FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW!

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    1. Thats great to hear! Its good you have obviously been able to have open conversations with people about this, which is sadly rare. I do think we’ve been trained that its bad ‘etiquette’ to talk politics to each other.


  10. I love your piece. And I would totally respect the leave vote if it had been a fair vote. If the vote had been in another country we would have called it out for what it was, completely flawed. I also remember a certain UKIP leader saying if they lost the vote by a small amount, they would ask for another vote. Only when we do we are apparently being un-democratic.

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  11. It’s people like melvyn as to why I vote Tory.
    A lot of labour supporters are on Twitter and if you have not as far left views of them, you are shouted out. Called a racist and uncaring.
    I cannot be the same as them so I vote Tory just to annoy them.


    1. Thats a shame that is the reason Bobby. They don’t know you, so it cant really annoy them how you vote. Because they wouldn’t know who you are voting anyway. Don’t worry yourself about what strangers on the internet think of you. You are worth far more than that. Vote for whoever think has the policies that are going to help you and your family the best. I would agree that the way we talk about politics online is absolutely shite- I’m guessing from what you said you have had some pretty bad experiences. I have too. Believe me I’m much further left than your average Labour supporter but calling people racist right left and centre (pardon the pun) get’s us absolutely nowhere. Ive been called right wing, left wing and just thing ffs, make up your minds will ya!
      We need to get better at it. I find when we sit down and chat properly we have a lot of the same hopes and hardships. All the best and thank you for commenting. Stop good to see where different people are coming from.


  12. I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I was gravitated into the right wing by the divide and miscommunication between the left and right (always finding the left to be the more toxic and less understanding side) since 2015 or so, but in the last few weeks, months, or years, I haven’t really been able to defend or buy into anything they’ve been putting forward.

    The way I see it, Boris Johnson’s only tactic so far has been to insult, belittle, and even hide from the people he claims to want to protect. Whatever tactic Donald Trump has been using clearly isn’t working for him, and he just comes off as someone who’s banking entirely on every person who voted Brexit in 2016 voting for him now, without knowing or caring about any other issue with the country.

    It felt weird, living in a house, town, and country that’s obsessed with politics and having no idea who I want to vote for in a few days. You may be the first left wing person to be this open-minded about it


    1. Mate thank you for this, it filled me with hope. And speaking from someone who has always been on the “other side” so to speak, Ive had a similar experience, but from a different perspective. I mean im about as far left as they come, but i grew up poor and from a very non academic family. While there was a section of the left that utterly embraced and nurtured me when I really needed it, there was also a section that was very excluding, by the language they used and the way they talked down about people who grew up in poverty was disgusting. I understand completely how right wing politics has a pull, particularly for young people. It came to a head on a demo where the two sides clashed once, and someone supposedly on my side shouted some shit so disgustingly classist that i realised that in terms of life experiences, i had far more in common with the people i was in conflict with.
      The tactics in this election have been horrifying. How the fuck are people supposed to have a clear idea of who they want to vote for? Im an anarchist and often abstain from it. I only started voting again when I realised abstaining helps, not hinders them. Im only voting in this election as for the first time in my life I can see a clear distinction between the party leaders and the policies are radically different and would make a massive difference. I have a family member I know wont survive if she is sanctioned again. And the reason she was sanctioned was petty, cruel and should be illegal. The promise of an immediate end to sanctions was enough for me.

      Anyway, thank you for commenting, you are a breath of fresh air. Whatever happens tomorrow, we’ll find a way to have more conversations like this.


      1. You and me both, brother! I have a lot of respect for anyone who’s interested in politics, but also willing to talk it out with the other side without assuming they’re inherently evil people or anything!


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